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There is no longer a Save As version in my Omnigraffle Pro. Is this intentional?
The simple answer is that we did nothing to remove "Save As": our menu definition still includes an entry for "Save As", and we have no code that removes or disables that menu item. (You can even see it still sitting in the menu if you launch OmniGraffle and check the File menu before any documents are opened.)

So if we didn't remove it, where did it go? Apparently Lion automatically replaces "Save As" with "Duplicate" for apps like OmniGraffle which include support for Lion's new Auto Save and Versions. (In other words, we didn't remove it at all; Apple did.)

It's possible that we could find some way to override Lion's menu update to somehow get back the old "Save As" functionality, but we'd prefer to cooperate with the operating system rather than to fight with it. So if this change on Lion makes your workflow less efficient, I'd encourage you to send that feedback to Apple:
Thanks for your question! Sorry I didn't see it sooner.

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