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I sure hope we haven't been promising anything about the timing of OmniFocus 2! We haven't even decided yet whether the major overhaul of the user experience which we're currently working on will be called OmniFocus 2 or 1.x or something else. And we don't really know when it will ship.

I wish I knew exactly how long it will take to design and build what we're working on now. But even after something has shipped, it's very difficult to guess how long it took to create—so you can imagine how hard it is to guess before it's designed and built!

What I can say is that most major software updates usually take 24 months or longer, and what we're working on definitely counts as a major update. But we've also been working on this off and on for a while now, so while it's certainly not going to ship in 2011, I'm at least somewhat hopeful that it might ship before late 2013.