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Given the explanations of the several members of the Omni team, definitely, remain with Mac OSX compatibility.

The change in Lion, and the several new capabilities it provides, needs to be understood. There is no point in:
a. comparing with other OSes, because they simply do not have those features
b. comparing with the past (much as that is automatic and understandable) because the past method did not have those features.
In order to get the whole set of new features, and have them integrated with the existing (past) methods, Apple has removed/replaced certain functions. ANd s/w that complies with Apple standards have automatically been changed.

Therefore (c) there is no point in comparing with non-compliant apps, because they are non-compliant and irrelevant, and because they cannot (ever, until upgraded to compliance) use the new features.

We have moved from wood fires to electric stoves. The change needs to be understood, gathering wood in the forest is an awful lot of work, but understandably some of us are unwilling to change. We now have full integration with TimeMachine, etc, etc.

Of course, there is a danger in getting electrocuted, not much different to setting to house on fire, but that is a carelessness issue, nothing to do with the electricity or the wood. Learn the method reasonably, so as not to kill yourself. In a few days the new methods (and features) will be "intuitive", and you won't want to go back to stacking wood.


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