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For the layman, can someone help me understand what value a 64-bit version provides over a 32-bit version?
Switching to a 64-bit version would mean that the browser can utilize more memory. If your browser is crashing regularly because it's running out of memory, this is a big deal. (I rarely encounter such crashes myself, but I tend not to let any particular OmniWeb workspace get too large.)

It's also a big deal if you're wanting to be compatible with 64-bit plug-ins.

And can Omniweb give an update on the status of this effort? At this point, it has the decided feel of vaporware.
Sorry this wasn't more clear! OmniWeb is on the back burner until we've finished all of our iPad or Bust! projects. We're putting the finishing touches on the last of those projects (OmniPlan for iPad) right now, and expect to ship it in the next few months.

Now, that doesn't mean we'll be turning our attention back to OmniWeb right away: we have several other big projects which were also put on the back burner which we also need to finish.

But I do have some good news for OmniWeb fans…

Though OmniWeb has been on the back burner, in our spare time we've tried to squeeze in a little work here and there. We recently finished updating OmniWeb to work with Mountain Lion, where it's now building 64-bit and using the latest WebKit. We've got our tabs, workspaces, and cookie management working—but it's missing all of our WebKit customizations, which means it's missing ad blocking, plug-in management (such as click-to-load Flash content), and most site-specific preferences. (In other words, there's still a lot to do before it really feels like OmniWeb again!)

This new build of OmniWeb requires some new technologies which are being introduced in Mountain Lion, so I'm afraid it won't run on any currently shipping operating systems (such as Lion). OmniWeb 5.11 will continue to run on older operating systems, of course.