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Very. However I own all the other Omni products and I don't recall this volume of updates arriving on my iDevices.

Well, only 96 of them applied to iDevices. You miss out on at least one per application, because Ken is counting submissions, which include the initial revision of the app, and you're counting updates, which do not. I think there may have been at least one extra submission per app, because the iPad FCS versions have all been 1.0.1, not 1.0. There have been some updates which followed very closely on the heels of the previous update, when a regression was encountered, and of course if you didn't own the apps from Day 1 of their availability, you probably skipped some updates that way as well. However, counting versions mentioned in the release notes of OmniFocus for iPhone (20) and iPad (14), OmniGraffle for iPad (10), OmniGraphSketcher for iPad (10), OmniOutliner for iPad (5), and OmniPlan for iPad (1), I only come up with 60, not 96. Perhaps there have been a significant number of rejects (which probably wouldn't show up in the release notes)? I'm not sure quite as much credit should be given for submissions which don't survive :-)