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Here we are, one month later, a new version (1.3) comes down the pipeline for our iPads, and STILL no autosync.
Trust me: nobody is more disappointed about the delay in automatic syncing than we are. We had very promising results at the start, and our code was ready to ship a year ago—in fact, it did ship as open source, where it's working fine for some other third-party apps which have a simpler native file structure. Unfortunately, it wasn't stable: as described at the top of this thread, we ran into showstopping issues with trying to sync OmniOutliner's native document structure. We've finally had to give up on the entire approach when we learned that the issues we need to solve were impossible for us to fix and would not be fixed in a free update, so we've changed approaches and are now a few months into building a sync solution based on open protocols.

I apologize for the bad judgment call. (I particularly apologize to the team at Omni who has invested so much time in trying to get code working that wasn't within their control to fix.) If we'd had any idea this approach was going to take anywhere near this long, we would have just designed our own sync solution in the first place, exactly as we've already done for OmniFocus and OmniPlan. There are some strong philosophical reasons to prefer the fully-open approach in the first place.

All the other OG products work like a dream. Why can't you get us OO sync?
OmniGraffle, OmniOutliner, and OmniGraphSketcher are all in the same boat here, waiting for a good solution which will automatically sync their native document formats. That's what we're building now—and now that all the pieces are within our control I have every confidence that what we're building will work as well as what we've built for OmniFocus and OmniPlan.