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Great question, Virgil - moving this to it's own thread, since it's a different subject than the thread it was originally in was addressing.

It's not really about the money. Our current thinking is along these lines:
  1. There are a lot of things that customers want to see in our existing native apps. Starting a project of this size would inevitably impact those projects.
  2. Building a web app is outside of what we consider to be our core competency: building great native apps for the iOS and OS X platforms.
  3. In most cases, native apps for a given platform provide a better experience than even a good web one. (In our opinion.)
  4. A few years ago, you might need to buy a Mac in order to use OmniFocus; that was a pretty expensive proposition. With iOS on the scene, that's much less true than it used to be.

We're not saying that we'd never do one, of course - just that we feel our efforts are more productive on other platforms and projects right now. (To be maximally clear, I'm also not saying we'll ever do one.)

That said, we are looking for places where we can help folks who primarily work on other platforms! An example of that would be some work we're doing on the Omni Sync Server side. We're improving on our existing send-to-omnifocus service. In the not-too-distant future, Sync Server accounts will each have an email address that adds messages you send/forward to it directly to your inbox right there on the server. You won't need to click a link or anything, in other words...

Again, great question, and we would be interested to hear feedback from folks on any of this, of course. Thanks!