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Sure! Happy to offer a quick status update.

In my last update, I wrote:

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OmniWeb is on the back burner until we've finished all of our iPad or Bust! projects. We're putting the finishing touches on the last of those projects (OmniPlan for iPad) right now, and expect to ship it in the next few months.
As hoped, we finished our last "iPad or Bust!" project last year (on June 7, 2012).

Now, that doesn't mean we'll be turning our attention back to OmniWeb right away: we have several other big projects which were also put on the back burner which we also need to finish.
And as expected, this also happened: we've turned quite a bit of attention back to the Mac, but right now that attention is focused on OmniOutliner 4, OmniFocus 2, and OmniPresence—not OmniWeb, I'm afraid.

Though OmniWeb has been on the back burner, in our spare time we've tried to squeeze in a little work here and there....
I squeezed in a little more work on OmniWeb over the holidays, fixing global and site preferences (which had broken during the 64-bit conversion), turning off autofill from contacts by default (so OmniWeb stops prompting for access to contacts unless you explicitly turn that feature on), fixing the source editor, drawing filtered placeholders in blocked frames and loading blocked frames when you click on them.

I also updated OmniWeb to skip autofilling password fields that already have a password in them, fixing the issue at sites like amazon where you'd start typing a password, and then a second later another child frame would finish loading and triggering another autofill and wiping out the password you'd just typed.

My list of known regressions in the 64-bit build at the moment are:
  • Site icons ("favicons") should be visible in the title bar, address bar, and bookmarks.
  • There should be some visible indication of blocked inline ads. (I fixed this for inline frames, but not inline images or plug-ins.)
  • There should be some way to manually load blocked ads. (Also fixed for inline frames, but not inline images or plug-ins.)
  • Web pages should honor the "override page styles" site preference.
  • Re-implement click-to-load Flash content.
  • Re-implement site-specific preferences.

Meanwhile, I'm still using OmniWeb v5.11.2 for >99% of my desktop browsing. (Very rarely, I'll encounter something which requires another browser—so I'll use something else to load that page and then go back to OmniWeb.)