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Originally Posted by curt.clifton
Let me add to the chorus that every task in a parallel project should be a next action.
Let me respectfully disagree. In my way of thinking, a sequential project has tasks that must be done in order. In a parallel project, tasks don't have that absolute dependency, but I might still decide that some of them are higher priority and drag them into a rough order.

I'd like to keep the first of those designated as the "next action" because, in a practical sense, it is, even if in a logical sense, all of the tasks are potential next actions. Otherwise, I don't see the point of filtering "next actions" vs. available actions.

OmniFocus allows both, and I'd like to preserve the distinction. That way when I filter next actions, I get the one thing that I either must do next (for sequential projects) or really ought to do next (for parallel projects).