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Originally Posted by Wild Rye
I tried to share the database between computers by exporting it to a thumbdrive. However, there doesn't seem to be a good way to use the exported file at my office computer.

How does Omnifocus support storing the database on a thumb drive (ie what is the correct procedure?)
Here's one approach that has worked for me, and a few other people around here. If you're brave (in a Terminal-using way, not a Focus alpha-using way), you can move your Focus file (the real thing, not a backup archive) to your thumb drive and then just create symlinks to it on each computer.

Machine 1: (where Focus is up-to-date)
0) Insert thumbdrive
1) Quit Focus
2) Browse to [user name]>Library>Application Support>OmniFocus
3) If there's a file ending in ".lock", you didn't do step 1. There should only be one file in this folder.
4) Move the OmniFocus.ofocus file to your thumb drive.
5) Open up a terminal window, and cd to the same folder as in step 2.
6) Create a symlink to the Focus file on your thumb drive.
ln -s /Volumes/ThumbDrive/OmniFocus.ofocus .
(Note that you'll need to change that path to match the real path to your thumbdrive.)

Machine 2: (which has no Focus data that isn't also on Machine 1)
0) Insert thumbdrive
1) Quit Focus (if ever launched)
2) Make sure that [user name]>Library>Application Support>OmniFocus exists and is empty
3) Repeat steps 5 and 6

This only transfers the data. You may want to do a similar thing for your Focus preferences file as well.