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Can this be handled better directly from OmniFocus? I'm not sure I understand the value of having it in ~/Application Support/, since no one I know thinks to look there for "their" documents. This will prove problematic in Leopard, I think, with Time Machine: I want to go back in time looking for my OmniFocus document, and I would want to do it in the same place I have all my other documents.
In terms of saving data, OmniFocus is probably more like Mail than like, say, OmniOutliner. In Outliner, a user is expected to create multiple documents. In Mail, there are separate messages, but they're all stored in one big archive/database/whatever. Outliner lets the user manage the files in the finder -- group them into folders, delete them, etc. so they should be in a user-friendly part of the home directory -- ~/Documents. Mail tucks it all away in ~/Library/Mail.

And yes, Mail does let you customize where to save stuff. And yes, we do have a bug filed saying we should let you customize where to save stuff, and another one for building in some back-up support.