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What we really need is for Singletons to be their own category of action (aesthetic and real) to set them off from the other types of actions (next actions, non-next actions, inactive actions). That way, you could change the color of Singletons to, say, blue, and know at a glance that they're different from Next Actions and non-Next Actions. Or you could create a view that would include Singletons and Next Actions.
I started to reply to say that this is how they work now, but then I double-checked and realized that they actually don't yet. So instead I'll just say that yes, that's the plan: singleton actions will have their own style (probably with a default color of blue).

Other than this distinctive styling, we plan to (but don't yet) treat singleton actions as next actions. (That way, you can work your way through everything you have on your plate by looking only at your next actions.)