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I have a mixture of micro-planned projects, moderately planned projects, and unplanned, evolving projects.

The micro-planned projects are usually for things that have a definite outcome and that I need to think through completely to keep from going off in the wrong direction. I plan those out in detail.

On the other hand, I often record an evolving project as a singleton action and keep adding singleton actions as I progress.

For example, I might decide to consider buying a widget. I don't know yet if I will or not. The first step for me is to research widgets, so I enter just that on my singleton list (instead of creating a project). Once I finish researching, I might buy, I might discuss it with someone else, I might think about it for a while, or I might decide not to purchase. In any case, I check off the research action as finished.

If I decide to buy it, I either buy it online immediately or make a singleton action to purchase it online later or while out on an errand. If I buy it online, I make a singleton action to track the package. If I decide to discuss it and the someone else is available, I discuss it. Otherwise, I make a singleton action to discuss it. If I decide to think about it, I make a singleton action as a placeholder.

The point is that the project is not one I can plan out in advance because I don't know at the beginning where I will end up.

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