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Please note: if you type in the name of an existing calendar at the prompt, it will intentionally delete all the data from that calendar, this script is intended for creating or refreshing calendars specific to OmniFocus - read on for details.

The attached script can be used in the toolbar to create a calendar view of tasks being displayed in the current OmniFocus window.

The user is prompted to confirm the name of the calendar. The default is to use the perspective name, or the name of what is being focused on.

You can then tell the script to one or more of the following:

Create Events for Start Dates
Create Events for Due Dates
Create ToDos for tasks that have dates
Create ToDos for tasks that do not have dates
Create Events as All Day Events

In the script source you can also easily set the name of the created calendar so as not to be prompted, set any preference default, and turn off the prompt for preferences.

The script will then create the calendar if it does not already exist, or wipe it clean if it does and create the events and todos you requested.

This is not a sync, no information flows from iCal back to OmniFocus. If you complete a todo in iCal created by this script it does not complete it in OmniFocus (though this could be added as a feature).

An OmniFocus URL link is placed in each iCal item to link you back OmniFocus.

You could easily run the script twice to create a pair of calendars for start and due dates.

To Install:
Copy to ~/Library/Scripts/Applications/OmniFocus/

Then choose Customize toolbar by right clicking on the OmniFocus toolbar, drag this script's icon onto the toolbar

Please post your feedback here. :cool:


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