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Updated original post to include a link to the README and the project's "files" page.

The README has been updated to include rudimentary:
1. installation instructions (firing up the Rails web app)
2. port forwarding instructions (HEAVILY dependent upon your router's instruction manual....)
3. dynamic DNS instructions (HEAVILY dependent upon free accounts at

Feedback would be EXTREMELY useful. If I could get some dedicated testers who are willing to provide me with (a) routine feedback and (b) are responsive to e-mail, more work will get done faster. Sadly, because Herr Steve does not allow for OS X to run in a VM, I am limited to testing the web app on a Leopard installation that is HEAVILY tweaked with Ruby features (gems) that may routinely interfere with testing of the web app. In other words, something may work on my machine (IWOMM) that won't work on yours. While I can tweak my development environment to try to hide several of my built in Ruby goodies from myself, what I could really use is another user with a clean (unfettered by changes/additions to Ruby) Tiger install and another with a clean Leopard install to test. Testers would help a great deal to resolve these issues.