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(This comes up quite often, so it may be worth having a post to refer to whenever it arises)

OF applescripts can be run from the OF toolbar, from the OF Script menu, or from tools like LaunchBar, Keyboard Maestro, or FastScripts.

Since OmniFocus 1.8 it has been possible to use AppleScript applications as toolbar items (in addition to Automator workflows, and scripts stored in text, compiled, and script bundle format).

To install an applescript to be run from the OF Scripts menu:
  1. Check that the Script menu icon appears on the OS X menu bar
    If it doesn't:
    • OS X 10.6:
      Run the Applescript Editor from the Utilities folder within the Application folder, and ensure that the following settings are checked:
      Applescript Editor > Preferences > General > Show script menu in menu bar
      Applescript Editor > Preferences > General > Show computer scripts
    • OS X 10.5:
      Run the Applescript Utility from the Applescript folder within the Applications folder, and ensure that "Show Script menu in menu bar" is checked
  2. Place the script in the appropriate folder
    • Start OmniFocus
    • Click the Script menu icon in the OS X menu bar
    • Choose Open Scripts Folder/Open OmniFocus Scripts Folder
    • Copy your script into the OmniFocus scripts folder, which should now have opened.
  3. When OmniFocus is running, your script can now be run from the OmniFocus scripts section of the Script menu.

To install an applescript to be run from the OF toolbar:
  1. Place the applescript in the OF scripts folder
    • (see previous section)
  2. Optionally choose an icon for the script
    • Select the .scpt file in the Finder
    • Choose File > Get Info in the Finder menu (or Cmd I)
    • Select the icon in the dialog
    • Copy a simple image into the clipboard from any graphic source
    • Past the image onto the icon in the file Info dialogue.
  3. Get the applescript onto the OF toolbar

    In OmniFocus, choose View>Customize_Toolbar.

    The dialog which appears will now enable you to drag your applescript onto the OF toolbar.

    Close the dialog, and experiment with running your applescript by clicking its icon in the toolbar.

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