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For me, OF works for day-to-day and week-to-week project and task management. The processes I use for higher level planning are sufficiently different that I use other software for them. I don't need, or want, everything in a single application.

At a lower level, I organize my projects and tasks in OF using top-level folders for my life roles/goals. Currently my top-level folders include:
  • Advance and propagate knowledge of computing
  • Support and nurture my relationship with Lisa
  • Help manage our household
  • Keep the saw sharp (Notice the Stephen Covey influence here.)
  • Learn and grow as an individual

Under each of those I have a list of single actions, a few general projects, and subfolders for broader goals within the role. For example, I have a subfolder under "Advance and propagate knowledge of computing" titled "Help others understand software development". That subfolder gets all the projects related to the classes I'm teaching. I also keep "someday soon" projects in OmniFocus as on-hold projects.

I use OmniOutliner documents to keep track of higher level things. My current OmniOutliner planning documents include:
  • Monthly Goals
  • One and Five Year Goals
  • Personal Mission Statement (More Covey.)
  • Someday-Maybe Ideas (for more speculative ideas, like "Earn a Degree in Architecture")

I also keep review checklists in OmniOutliner for various regular reviews:
  • Evening Review
  • Morning Review
  • Weekly Review
  • Monthly Review
  • Bi-annual Review

My evening and morning reviews are recurring appointments in iCal with an alarm action that opens the appropriate OmniOutliner document. I know if that document is open on my desktop, then I need to do that review.

My weekly review is triggered by a single recurring item in OmniFocus that appears every Saturday during the school year, or every Sunday during the summer.

My monthly and bi-annual reviews take longer. I have recurring items for them in OmniFocus that just say "Schedule time for monthly/bi-annual review". When that appears I make an appointment with myself and put it on my calendar.