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Hi. I'm a new OmniFocus owner -- in fact, I've yet to get in there and start setting things up, which I'm planning to do tonight.

I'm a convert (at least for the moment, and, for $80, hopefully permanently) from Remember the Milk, basically because they didn't offer sequential tasking and their handling of projects wasn't really great.

The one thing I am going to miss, however, is being able to access my task list (which, with RTM, is on the web) from my work computer, which is a Windows machine.

I imagine I can't be the only person with this particular problem, where they would like to work with their OmniFocus tasks from a different machine.

The one solution I can see at the moment is printing out a PDF and bringing that with me to work. Is that the only solution?

I'm aware of the iPhone app, but I have a RAZR and am locked into T-Mobile for a while, and even were I to have an iPhone, it isn't the computer I'm working on most of the day.

Any input or brainstorming would be appreciated!