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Printing is just a single use case that requires page numbers. I'm amazed the developers didn't consider others when making this decision. For example:
  • Developer: "So I have a question about page 51..."
    Designer: "Hang on, I'm just looking for it..." [Scrolls pasts dozens of canvases, clicks on one, zooms to check page number, it's no.43, scrolls what she thinks is another 8 canvases and clicks, checks page number, it's p.50, PgDn to p.51]
    Designer, 30 seconds later, "Ok, I'm there!"
  • Interruption over, designer wants to go back to where she was. There's no quick way of doing so, since it doesn't help if she remembers she was on page 7. Repeats the same process of squinting at thumbnails, clicking on pages that seem close and checking the page number.
  • Designer, to Developer: "I'd like to know if this is doable. Have a look in your PDF at page... um..." [Scrolls to corner of page to check what the page number is] "...23" [Scrolls back to where she was looking.]
  • Designer is logging all the changes in this version of the wireframes in a spreadsheet, and is paging through the canvases. Each time he encounters a changed page, he first has to zoom and scroll to check the page number. This process shouldn't even have required taking hands off keyboard.

I could go on...