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Hey everyone,

Recurring/repeating tasks are a popular feature request for OmniPlan. We want to add this feature in OmniPlan 2.0 but would like your feedback on a couple of things. Below is a mockup showing two examples of how regular tasks might look when a recurring task is added to a project:

In this mockup we have a daily meeting from 8am-9am every day and two 2d duration tasks.

Task 1 is extending around the recurring daily meetings. This is the current behavior in OmniPlan when dealing with off-hours when they're displayed. If you drag a task into a period of off-hours, OmniPlan will automatically extend the task bar into the next available work period.

Task 2 is splitting into multiple segments around the daily meetings instead of expanding. It doesn't do this automatically, you need to level your project in order for the task splits to happen.

Which one do you prefer? Also, would you like recurring tasks to appear on the same row (as shown above) or on a separate row for each occurrence?

Thanks for your feedback!

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