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I have seen no evidence that this release fixes anything for OSX 10.4. I still have to turn off the Firewall manually to have any hope of syncing. It gets old fast.
Oh, your 10.4 firewall is configured to block incoming connections to OmniFocus on your Bonjour sync server? We can't fix that with a software update, but I think I can help you configure your firewall to stop blocking connections to the OmniFocus Sync Server.

First, you need to pick an unused TCP port for your incoming connections: 50042, for example. Step one is to make OmniFocus use that port for its sync server (rather than picking a new empty port each time you run it), which you can do by running this command in a Terminal window:

defaults write com.omnigroup.OmniFocus SyncServerPort -int 50042
After you've done this, restart OmniFocus and your Bonjour server should be running on port 50042.

The next step is to configure your 10.4 Firewall to allow connections to port 50042 from other machines. Open up System Preferences, click on Sharing, then click on the Firewall tab. On that screen, click the "New…" button, set the Port Name to "Other", add the port number you picked (e.g. 50042), and optionally set the description (e.g. "OmniFocus Sync Server"). When you've got that all set up, click "OK". You should now see "OmniFocus Sync Server" in your "Allow" list, and it should be checked (allowing incoming connections).

Does that help?