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SSH, if you're seeing nothing at all in that panel - if the shortcuts for Apple's own applications aren't showing there - it may not be something we can address in our code. (It sounds like the services system in general is having trouble, basically.)

You may want to swing by your friendly local genius bar and see if they have any information about what's going on here. Sorry for the trouble. :-/
Brian, thanks, and you're exactly right. I just spent some time with Apple's Experts, and here's what fixed it:
  1. Delete the ~/Library/Preferences/
  2. Delete the Cache files (~/Library/Caches and /Library/Caches)
  3. Boot with the PRAM clearing (hold Command-Option-P-R immediately after hitting the power button)
Booted up after that and the Services were back... and OmniFocus clipping was working. Looks like it's probably the caches, but I did all of those things under the instruction of the Expert who was working with me.