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We'll get a fix out as soon as possible. Sorry for not catching this.

[EDIT: This fix is no longer necessary, instead reinstall the Clip-O-Tron from the latest OmniFocus 1.7.4 sneaky peek.]

In the meantime, if you need a workaround:

1. Reinstall the Clip-o-tron from OmniFocus
2. DO NOT launch Mail
3. go to: ~/Library/Mail/Bundles/OmniMailMessageServiceEnabler_106.mailbundle/Contents
4. Launch (It's in your Utilities folder)
5. Paste the following into the window:
open -a TextEdit Info.plist
6. Hit Return to execute the command.
7. At this point, a new TextEdit window should appear. Scroll to the part where it says:

and add :

under the other 2 strings, so the entire key looks like:

8. Re-launch Mail

Again, sorry for this inconvenience, this is new for Snow Leopard, and we had no idea they'd be changing this so often. We're in the process of making sure that we stay updated for future Snow Leopard updates.

P.S. For those Advanced users who want to know, you can get these strings by running:
cat /Applications/ |grep UUID -A 1
cat /System/Library/Frameworks/Message.framework/Resources/Info.plist |grep UUID -A 1

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