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This is a good thread, lots of interesting views.

I use MindManager on my Mac and find it immensely useful. I used to put most of my thoughts into OmniOutliner but find it's linearity to be, well, too linear. Don't get me wrong, I use (and love) OmniOutliner a lot too but it doesn't work well for me for brainstorming. I find the visual aspect of a mind map to be far more helpful to me than a list of items, I jump around the map and add things to it far easier than scrolling up and down a list. I design database systems in FileMaker Pro for my job and come from a Design/Print background so using a visual tool works well for me.

MindManager can export an OPML file so OmniOutliner can open that file and save it as a native OmniOutliner file and import into OmniFocus. I haven't played around with any AppleScript there but I would be able to build a droplet that you could drop the MindManager file onto and have AppleScript automate the process of bringing the mind map into OmniFocus' Inbox - so long as OmniFocus' import process can be scripted (I haven't looked yet).