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Thanks for your help :).

I found that if I temporarily disabled syncing, the "Compact Database" option was enabled. Running this shrank the DB to 624kB, which has improved sync speed to on my iPhone, but OmniFocus on Mac remains just as sluggish as before.

Thanks for the tip re. LeaveSelectionEmpty. I tried this and it speeds up switching from Projects => Contexts, but Contexts => Projects is still just as slow and this is the one that slows me down (i.e. "Show in Planning Mode").

I guess it must just be the size of my database. On my iPhone it says:

99 projects and 890 actions in 789 zip files.

I have three clients sync'ed in total, but they were all sync'ed less than a day ago.

If I do "Show Package Contents" on my OmniFocus.ofocus file (after compacting the DB) it shows 21 zip files.

Perhaps OmniFocus just isn't cut out for someone running their own business! Seriously though, it seems a shame the app is sluggish when it's only throwing around at most a few megabytes of data. There are apps on my Mac which do much more technically demanding tasks (throwing gigabytes of photos, video or audio around) which manage to remain more responsive than this.

Task management isn't exactly rocket science and I'm running this on quite a well spec'ed system. I'd be sympathetic if we were talking about $30 shareware here, but OmniFocus costs more than that and comes from a company that has a good pedigree of quality apps. Thus my expectations are somewhat higher.

Would be grateful if someone from Omni could comment on whether there are plans to improve performance for larger databases? I'm using OmniFocus precisely because I have a tonne of things to do. It should be a responsive tools which helps, rather than being something else which causes more stress.