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Any chance to expand on this more? :) Specifically, for ;) Or even other applications? What is the implementation?
We'll be documenting in more detail soon, but the API is a simple URL-based API, much like other iPhone APIs (such as those you'll find in Twittelator and Tweetie).

Here's an example of how you would add a task:
(And before anyone asks: yes, OmniFocus 1.8 for Mac will support this as well.)

We can't add support for this to other iPhone apps ourselves, but we've tried to make it easy for other app developers to add support if they wish. (They can test whether OmniFocus is installed before presenting the option to send something to it, so it will only appear for people who are using OmniFocus.)

P.S. If you're an iPhone app developer, you'll want to check out our sample iPhone code for adding a task to OmniFocus.

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