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I agree. Although I keep a good majority of my lists, todos and project tasks etc. in OO, I am beginning to feel like it is too static. I can't get to the info I want easily- I have to work for it. I want to be able to set up a system and just have the information I need right at my fingertips.

The combination of smart folders and custom columns would allow for a much simpler outline structure and would also eliminate the need for cloning, if you set up the basic ouline properly. For example, if you have a specific task under a project heading, instead of assigning it to a resource by copying/ cloning to a separate outline (or, separate section of the same outline) for the person you are assigning the task to, you just set up a column where you are able to select the person's name from a list. You then set up a smart folder for that person and all of the tasks that are assigned to him/ her would appear in that smart folder. You could take it a step further by having a column where the project name is on a list (or pops up with auto-fill) and a smart folder that corresponds to all tasks that are marked with that project's name. One step even further would be that all parents in an outline become searchable metadata too- just by the very nature of where a piece of data is in relation to other data, in a hierarchal structure, says a lot about that data. It's a natural progression, we are not losing the outlining, but taking it to the next level of being able to manipulate, organize, and view it in new and meaniful ways.

It's time to make the data more than just a static outline- all of the elements are available to turn the outline into a dynamic informational organizer. So, again, I think that it all comes down to having very powerful and capable smart folders. I think that OG has developed a phenomenal outlining program and I'm sure that it will remain that way. But, I also believe that outlining has matured to the point that most improvements will only be incremental. By combining OO along with the technology of smart folders (not outling w/ smart folder capabilities), you actually develop a new type of program (yes, I know they already exist, but I think that we are only in this software categories' infancy). I guess what I am saying is that now is the time for a very capable and highly regarded software company to come in and do it right. No more of this mom and pop type software in this category- I want the real thing and I think OG can deliver.

- Sorry for the editorializing- just frustrated right now, but optimistic that things are heading in the right direction.