Thread: OO Pro 4.0?
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-I would like to see the ability to add an auto-updating table of contents that I can add even minor items to without harming the rest of the structure in any way. For example, i might want a ToC to only go 2 or 3 levels into my outline, but at the fifth level there might be one important nugget of info, i'd like to be able to note that on the ToC without the entire ToC shifting to become a five level ToC or suffering any other harm to its structure.

-The ability to assign any key combo I want to the shortcuts.
-A zoom feature with the ability to set and save custom zoom levels (for example, in word, I find that I like working with 140% much more than with 100 or 200.)
-Styles staying static the way I've fixed them in my template even if I paste in text that is styled differently. I dislike it when the next sibling I make is an amalgam of both styles.

Basically, it will hopefully be an outliner that has its default settings set up in such a way that it's not too difficult for a newbie to learn the basics, but that has every (or almost every) single aspect of it customizable for advanced users). Also, better documentation. It would easily become the best outliner on the market if it had all the power users, plus full customisability, along with it's already impressive gui.