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With no trolling in mind, it seems to me that those people who are looking for specific stencil sets which don't exist to date, might think about creating them themselves and posting on Graffletopia. I'm not in a line of work that would need any such set, but if I were, that is what I would do.
That's exactly right. It is a bit silly waiting for someone else to do it (after all we do have OmniGraffle), and crying about them not having done it yet.

Personally, for me anyway, there were "stencils" available, but they were just simple drawings, not what I would call stencils, no thought re: applicable standards, rulers and alignment, handles, appropriate lines for the type of drawing etc. So with my own advice in mind, I created my own. Now that they are stable and tested for a few years, I have uploaded them to Graffletopia:
Data Flow Diagram (SSADM)
Entity Relation Diagram (ERD)
Data Model (IDEF1X)

I have a few more, I will upload when they are stable.

For instance, if you have the set in Visio which I've never used why not create a diagram of using the elements you want, import it into OmniGraffle, tweak the elements the way you want them and then save them as stencils? Or is that illegal, piracy? Do you have to start from scratch?
That is plagiary, or theft of another person's work, you are better off starting from scratch; you might even come up with better symbols if you do it yourself.

Having said that, if the work (is not protected by copyright, and it is published in the public domain (and Visio is not public domain, you have to license it), you can copy the work and use it. In which case, you should always provide credit to the original author (otherwise it is plagiary).

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