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I have a task with a start date of June 7 2010 (task (Monday).
I created a milestone with a constraint of
The milestone date is June 18 2010 (Friday).

I expected the milestone date to be June 21 (two full weeks after the start of the task).

Why is the milestone scheduled only 7 working days after the start of the task? And more importantly, what do I have to do (in my definitions) so that when I say something starts two weeks after something else, it will be two full weeks?

- The calendar view confirms that I have work scheduled Monday through Friday, a total of 8 weeks per day. (8AM-noon and 1-5 PM)
- All my durations and efforts are equal, so I'm not being fooled by a duration versus effort problem.
- Daily scheduling granularity
- 8 hours work per day (in the project inspector)
- 40 hours work per week (in the project inspector)