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Brian, can you give an example of something that might cause that confusion?
"Context mode" isn't just used for viewing things by context: it's used to view items which are coming due, flagged, or completed; to view schedules of start dates, and items with recent changes. Most people expect to see projects show up in all of those other (non-context-based) lists—and would be mystified (and justifiably upset) when projects with due dates failed to show up in their Due perspective at the appropriate time.

For the most part, this change doesn't affect the GTD workflow: the Contexts perspective doesn't show the contents of the "No Contexts" group, and that's where projects would generally show up in that view (since most GTDers won't assign contexts to their projects). Also, Context mode is most useful when you filter it to only show Available actions, and projects won't become Available until all the actions within them are complete.

However, I do understand that many people are finding that those projects are cluttering up that "No Context" list, making it harder to find actions that are missing a context and thus slipping through the cracks of their system. That's why we've now added an easy toggle to the View menu which can hide parent items from showing up in Context mode. Ideally, though, that "hide parent items" toggle should be a view state which can be saved as part of a perspective, since otherwise you might forget to turn it back on and end up missing a project which is coming due. As soon as we make that change (and then document everything and translate it to all our supported languages), I'm hopeful that 1.8 will be ready to ship.