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Greg mentions in his post that he's using OmniFocus' Perspectives feature. It allows you to save custom views of your data on the Mac, then sync them over to the phone. You can name them and give them a custom icon.

If you do a forum search for threads that include the words "due or flagged perspective", there's plenty of material available for review.

I don't actually use a Today list, but something like the following may get you started.

Do the following menu selections produce a view that would help you?

View -> Context Mode
View -> Show All Projects
View -> Sidebar Filter -> Remaining
View -> Grouping -> Context
View -> Sorting -> Project
View -> Status Filter -> Due or Flagged
View -> Time Filter -> Any Status

This approach will show all your actions that are due soon or which have had a flag set on them.

If this view does show what you're looking for, you can save it for further use by selecting
Perspectives -> Save window as -> New Perspective.

You can now give the perspective a name, and switch to it at any time under the Perspectives menu.

Once you sync, you can make the list visible on your iOS device by opening OmniFocus' settings and turning Perspectives on. You'll have a new item on the home screen at that point; the today list will be inside that.

This topic is a bit removed from the original topic of the thread it was posted in, so I'm going to bust this out into a new one. Wanted to respond first, though. :-)

Now you can bring that view up from the Perspectives menu at any time.

If that view doesn't do what you want, there may be another combination of settings that does. Let us know what you need done differently and we're happy to help.

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