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One can easily install a button on the OO3 toolbar which toggles the font size of the 'whole document' style back and forth between a screen size and a print size.

Edit the first two lines of the following to match your preferred sizes (mine are 16pt for screen and 12pt for print), save it as an applescript, and install the script on your OO3 toolbar.

Each time you click it the font size will switch.

property pScreenSize : 16
property pPrintSize : 12

tell application id "OOut"
	tell documents
		if (count) < 1 then return
		tell attribute "font-size" of style of item 1
			if value is pPrintSize then
				set value to pScreenSize
				set value to pPrintSize
			end if
		end tell
	end tell
end tell

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