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My default OmniWeb window is 925 pixels wide, which is sufficient for working with most sites I visit regularly. For example,
  • It's perfect for the Omni Group Forums (where vBulletin auto-sizes pages to the browser width).
  • The Omni Group site is 1000 pixels wide, which loses a bit on the right. But I can see enough to use the site for most purposes.
  • On many extra-wise sites, chopping off the right side simply hides ads - a plus when OmniWeb's ad-blocking doesn't work.
When a site (or specific page) isn't usable in my default window, I can click the green button to expand the window to show the full page width.

Aside: One of OmniWeb's sterling features is that resizing a particular window doesn't affect the default size for the next new window.

As slick as OmniWeb is, it could be even slicker with a couple of new site-specific preferences:
  • Default Window Size
  • Automatic resize-to-fit
I would certainly like to set one of these preferences on the new MacUpdate site, whose new design demands an 1135-pixel window width. I say "demands" because I now have to expand my default window in order to use the Search box. I'm feeling like I'll wear out the green button on the MacUpdate site.

-- Ward

Closing aside: Why are so many website designers afflicted by "my site is so important/wonderful/beautiful it should take over the whole screen" disorder?

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