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That explanation of why "option + <key>" doesn't work is only partially satisfying.

OmniWeb is certainly an active participant in the Apple text system as I fill in this form, yet if I use System Preferences to bind option-A to something like Dashboard, I can use option-A as I type with no problem. Also, I can set up option-A as my OmniFocus quick entry short cut!
There are a couple of things going on here.

One is that it appears there is a bug where setting a keystroke on a Perspective may not work until you've popped down the Perspectives menu once.

The other is that unless a keyboard equivalent has at least Command or Control set as modifiers, it will fail to work in certain cases (beyond typing, which you'd expect.)

To prevent frustration, we should probably require that your Perspective shortcuts require at least the Command or Control modifier keys, so that they'll work everywhere. (And fix the bug mentioned above too.)