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Sorry for the confusion, sooinlee1! Is this happening in Project view? If so, it's important to know that the Sort options under the View menu control the automatic sorting. In project view, the auto sorting applies to projects, not the actions within them.

As an example, selecting View -> Sorting -> Name from the menu bar in Project view will put the "Buy new computer" project before the "Car repair" one, but won't re-order the actions in either project. (OmniFocus assumes the order you put those actions into is important to you, so it's not going to mess with them unless you tell it to do so.)

When you would like to re-order the actions in the projects, though, just select the actions you want to re-order and then select Edit -> Sort -> Name. OmniFocus interprets that as you saying "No, really... I want to rearrange these. Go ahead."

Hope this helps!