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Happy to help! As part of the sync process, OmniFocus can export reminder events for to iCal that represent the due dates on your actions. (Note that exporting is one-way, vs. a two-way sync; OmniFocus does not do the latter.)

If you check the "Publish Due reminders as a calendar" box in Sync Preferences, then press the "Subscribe in iCal" button, deadline reminder events will appear in iCal.

I believe there's a feature request open on exporting reminder events for start dates, as well; if that would be useful, email the support ninjas and ask to be attached to that feature request.

We're unlikely to export events that span from the start date to the due date, though. Imagine a "Pay Taxes" task that starts in January and is due in April - now think about what that would do to your calendar. :-)