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Restore from backup turns out to work if I go back to Nov 16th.

All backups after 16th, if opened by double-clicking in the Finder, provoke an error of the form:

The document “OmniFocus 2010-11-20 012215.ofocus-backup” could not be opened. xmlParseCharRef: invalid xmlChar value 55552

Nov 25 13:39:19 Macintosh-8 OmniFocus[1025]: Presenting modal error: {\n code = 9;\n domain = "com.omnigroup.framework.OmniFoundation.ErrorDomai n";\n userInfo = {\n NSLocalizedDescription = "Warning encountered while loading XML.";\n NSLocalizedFailureReason = "xmlParseCharRef: invalid xmlChar value 55552\n";\n "libxml_code" = 9;\n "libxml_domain" = 1;\n "libxml_int1" = 55552;\n "libxml_int2" = 684;\n };\n}

A relief to to get to some data, but a little worrying to know that OF has been writing out unreadable backups for several days ...


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