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  • I'm using OS X 10.6.8, latest version
  • In OF prefs, "Add mail rule..." is checked, with the option "+omnifocus" before the @ sign" checked.
  • The account from which the mail was sent, is in the "Allowed From addresses"-list
  • I've sent the mail in question to someone, with the address "" in the BCC-field
  • With the option 'show full headers' in Mail, I can see that the mail was in fact received on this address.
  • In Mail prefs, the Send to OmniFocus rule is visible and activated
  • The mail message does not appear in OF, neither is it moved to the specified archive-folder
  • Manually activating [Message - Apply Rules] in Mail doesn't help.
  • I restarted both apps several times. I've tried it with both apps open and with either one closed. I restarted my machine.
  • No succes.

What am I doing wrong here?