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Yes, great - thanks very much. It is true I do not use the 'review' feature in such a principled way as you describe. i tend to review all my projects every day or two to make sure I am on top of things. I do get a lot done - but I dont relax as much as I would like! I will try your advice - though I can see straightaway it will not always be possible to do all the essential things at the start of the day. I will have to look as I do now at the due or flagged list several times and when there is none of that that can be done immediately, then look at the next action list.

I do appreciate omnifocus and the hard-line GTD approach up to a point - I just really think it would be better for people like me to be able to plan with priorities or some other kind of tags than with dates. I am one of those users who is self-employed with many projects but relatively little time-based structure to each day. I think people like me end up using dates (start or due) as kind of de-facto priorities, constantly changing the dates on things to reflect their current importance. Or if I have to plan with dates, I would prefer to have some kind of visual interface where I could move things around on a calendar rather than having to arbitrarily say 'I'll do that in 3 days' without being sure how many other things I have said I will do in 3 days.

Anyway - thanks a lot for the time you take to give advice! it is appreciated.