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Any updates? Anyone? OW is crashing with increasing frequency, often multiple times a day.
That may well be because OmniWeb is still 32 bit and increasingly leaks memory for whatever reason. So even with only a few web pages open, its memory usage might exceed the 32 bit induced, nasty 4 GB (virtual) memory limit, in which case it immediately crashes.

At least that's what's happening for me. Even though I'm an OmniWeb power user, I'm not aware of (many) crashes induced by HTML code etc. directly.

And the number of sites that are incompatible is growing, too.
True. Mostly JavaScript issues in my experience.

Alas, it's getting much worse in Mavericks. :( For some reason, cookies mostly don't work anymore in Mavericks, and as a result, OmniWeb becomes basically unusable for anything but completely static web pages.

If development has ceased, it would be nice to know that, too. I love this browser, but if it's dead, let's acknowledge that so we can move on.
I emailed Omni because of the Mavericks issue, hoping that maybe a quick fix would be possible to keep OmniWeb alive at least at a basic level in Mavericks. Unfortunately, the only reply I got was the usual boilerplate that

For the time being, our commercial products have been keeping us busy. Though OmniWeb is not currently in active development, if we do work on it again in the future our team will take a look at resolving the issue.