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Hi guys

I have a Nokia 2865 phone which I sync with my mac. This lets me sync todos to iCal along with my calendar and address book. I can get to my todo list with a single button press from the home screen of the Nokia.

I currently use my phones todo list as an inbox to capture events, actions or ideas which I can then sync to my mac when I get home to process them into Omnifocus and delete them from the to do list in iCal.

I have just installed Omnifocus and am wondering how it would be possible to script the process of copying the note title (that's all that the notes contain) and then making these as new inbox items in Omnifocus. I did a google search and forum search but couldn't find anything.

I have zero scripting experience but am reasonably clued up about macs and would be happy to troubleshoot it with someone else who was a bit more experienced in writing applescripts.

Thanks, Daniel.

EDIT: I realised this would be better in OmniFocus Extras forums so I reposted it here. I would remove this post but I can't.

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