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Hi Rob, I didn't realise that was how it worked. The phone is running symbian 3 and is a 6120. My last Nokia was a 2865 and I got the two confused.

I'm more interested in solving this via the route of - Nokia to do >sync to iCal > create new note in the OF inbox > delete old note. I currently sync via bluetooth and it works really simply and syncs contacts and my calendar as well.

I'm not sure how to do this but in my head it would be
1. Sync with phone
2. Get title of first to do
3. Make new OF action from title
4. Delete to do
5. Repeat 2-4 until number of to do's is 0.

My thought for a slightly more advanced version would be to have the script only copy across and delete notes that started with a ".". That way I could start a OF action by first placing a period and then writing the note into my phone and still have the option of using the to do as a list for things to check off. That would be a lot more complex though...