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Using Graffle Pro 5.0.2.

I've been working on a template for a day and a half. All of a sudden, when I go to save it, it does not save as a .gtemplate - but as a folder that contains the canvases in it. These won't open.

I tried adding the '.gtemplate' file extension to the folder to MAKE it a template, but that doesn't work. What is going on? Why would it do this all of a sudden? I didn't do anything different thatn what I have been doing: opening the template directly, editing the shared layers, and saving the document periodically.

Here's a clear example of what I mean (Please see the attached jpg.). I opened UX-Template_mdesign.gtemplate (which works). I made two small changes, and saved the document. That save resulted in the top folder, rather than updating the template file I was editing.

ADD: I should note that exporting as a template is doing the same thing - making a folder, not a .gtemplate
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