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I need an AppleScript written for my OmniFocus workflow. It's much simpler than the other iCal to OF script listed here. Just some text manipulation.

If there's a scripting Ninja who'd like to volunteer, I'd be grateful. Otherwise, I'd be willing to pay a few bucks or buy someone beer to get it done if I have to.

I want to select a number of iCal events, and have the script convert them into individual OmniFocus actions, setting the Project, Context, Start Date and Due Date. I'd also like some other text manipulations.

Here's how I do it manually now, step by step:

(1) I select iCal events by hand, copy and paste them into OmniFocus' Quick Entry;

(2) Divide the events into separate OmniFocus Actions;

(3) Copy/Paste the Start Time to the left of the title followed by " - "

(4) Copy/Paste the date into Start Date field;

(5) Delete the word "from", then Copy/Paste the Date and Start Time into the Start Date field;

(6) Set the Project and Context (this is constant for all iCal events);

(7) Delete the iCal date information.

So what starts out looking like this:

Ends up like this:

Thanks in advance for helping me or for pointing me in the right direction.