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Yikes - sorry. Should have known better than to leave the details hanging like that.

Message I get is "Unable to synchronize database with server. timed out"

Again, no changes whatsoever from prior to upgrading to 1.02 when everything synced fine. In fact, I successfully synced just prior to updating.

I initially attempted to re-share my settings but that timed out as well.

To make matters worse, tonight I did removed OmniFocus 1.02 from my phone and did a full back up of the phone - reinstalling 1.02 from iTunes. As a result, I've now not only been unable to sync but I've lost everything that was in the database on the phone before. I did go through process of sharing my settings from sneakypeak to the phone and the phone did recognize the setting properly. But still no successful sync.

I'm being patient, but will admit to being very, very bummed that things have stopped working. It had taken quite a bit of time and effort to properly get WebDav running on my MacBook Pro (because of my lack of experience is setting up WebDav). Once I did I was quite psyched that it all worked.

Completely recognize that OmniFocus 1.1 is still in beta, but it is a bit frustrating to have a Desktop app and Phone app that I've paid for and now they've stopped working together. I trust things will begin working again in due time. But it is tough to be patient. Love OmniGroup, OmniFocus, et. al. So no slam intended here. Just an anxious (yes, impatient) user.