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In today's day and age where competition is fierce and your attention is scattered across many different committments, I'm all for simplifying one's life. I can understand the apprehension and snickers. I was there once too...

I'm a firm believer in simplifying now. There's just too much noise out there trying to win my attention. I thought I was missing out on a lot. Now I'm much more focused on the things that are important to me.

Previously, I had many things tugging at me - my Xbox, my Playstation, my Nintendo, my cable TV, my stack of DVDs that I bought from Amazon, the backlog of magazines that I get through the mail, dinner movie dates with my couples friends, dates with just my wife, playtime with my daughter, the stack of books sitting on the nightstand, the iTunes playlist of audiobooks waiting for me to get to, all the podcasts I've accumulated and never gotten around to, my gym membership.....

The list goes on and on.... I thought I needed and wanted all of these things and activities. But after reading about simplifying one's life, I now have more time to focus on the things that really matter and can combine a few commitments together

Combined my video game time with my daughter now.
Tossed out all the podcasts that I never got around to
Eliminated most of the magazine subscriptions I never read
Spend time with wife and daughter at the gym
Started to donate many books that I thought I wanted to read and decided it wasn't worth it

You get the hint.

List can go on and on. jenniferp can eliminate a lot of stress by performing a weekly review. it's the best way to prune one's task list down to manageable form by determining what is important and what isn't.

As for the "72 ways to simplify your life", you don't have to do *** ALL *** ways. Just take the ones you want and leave the rest for later. Now that's called "simplifying your life." ;-)