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I'm really liking OF and am planning to purchase soon.
Come on in, the water's fine! :-)
First is, when I set a repeatable action (expenses, due 29th each month) when I'm in context mode it still shows up (i've set it to filter just active) - Is there a way I can stop it showing? I only need to see that on the 29th of each month etc...
Put a start date on the repeating action with as much lead time as you want. The start date will be adjusted automatically for the repeat.
second thing is, say I've got an action that is overdue and I change the date to a week later, it again still shows up in my context area?
If you have an action with a due date that is part of a project or action group which also has a due date, OmniFocus uses the earliest date for determining if it is overdue. Could that be the issue here?