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For people who don't have to sync OF tasks to any device via iCal the implemented syncing of all OF tasks to iCal seems to me pretty useless: To overcrowd iCal's todo list with all your OF tasks which are organized in a much better way in OF itself provides no benefit and creates redundancy.
On the other hand I have a couple of tasks in my OF projects which can be regarded as urgent or hard landscape tasks. These tasks I'd like to see in my hard landscape calendar. I also would like to set reminders for these tasks.

Therefore I wrote two scripts to send selected OF tasks to iCal. The first script sends one single task to a previously specified iCal calendar. The second one syncs all flagged tasks with iCal. For those who aren't afraid of nagging reminders both scripts offer the possibility to have set alarms for future todos automatically.
In both scripts OF URL linking is implemented.
(These are the first apple scripts I ever wrote, so I think the script codes aren't very smart. Perhaps someone could help me to optimize these scripts?)
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