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My apologies for "improving" the script in an unfunctional way. I wonder why this bug took four months to appear. Possibilities: (1) It's very specific to Benn's situation/configuration. (2) It just appeared due to a recent change in OmniFocus. (3) Nobody else has bothered to try the revised version. (4) Lots of people have had the revised script fail, but nobody else bothered to report it. (5) Nobody else has been downloading the scripts in the first place.

I'd hate to leave a buggy script online if (2) or (4) are the case, but I don't want to invest the time if (3) or (5) are true. Sounds like Benn's satisfied with his solution of just using the original scripts, so if it's (1), I'm also off the hook. Guess I'll see if any other comments get posted.